Ferguson, MO (2003)

by Ferguson, MO

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This was the first Ferguson EP I ever put together. It was recorded at the Hobbit House in Waco, TX, 10 years ago!

You might notice one of the songs made it onto my latest record, Atom Bomb City, I'm a firm believer in recycling old songs/melodies!

You might have also noticed how terrible the drumming is... to my defense these recordings were the first time I ever sat behind a drum set!

You might have also also noticed that every sentence here is an exclamation!


released July 1, 2003

pat grady - guitars, organs, pianos, drums, vocals
recorded at hobbit house (33rd & sanger, waco, tx)
long roads piano recorded at baylor school of music in some rehearsal room i snuck into




Ferguson, MO Austin, Texas

Ferguson, MO is a small town outside of St. Louis.

It also happens to be a very special place to me.

So special, in fact, that I named my band after it.

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Track Name: © Bomb ® Amerika ™
bomb amerika... i'll be there.
burn my house and home, be sure to share.
take my life and land to redistribute fair...
bomb amerika, bomb amerika!

sitting in the dim porch light
playing music on a moonless night
all my friends frown at me
angry cause they're told to be!
i reitterate the words alone:
"it's time to overthrow the thrown!"
noone ever takes it seriously
while they're sitting so comfortably...

close your eyes and wait for the dream...
(omg did you hear that scream?)
think about the guitar in my hands
that was made by another man
was he fired the other day
to be replaced by a cheaper slave?
the buildings toppled like we knew they would.
the reasons why? still not understood...
Track Name: sigh, high
break through to the beautiful mind!

sad, side-step through the troubles of time!

sigh, high-flying hopes all laced in dope,

never let your lover know what you wouldn't show
Track Name: The Wanderer
Sitting on my porch late at night when a man came up to me and cried, "I've been lost for such a long time now that I know not the reasons why I've been wandering for the most part of my life and I'll go this road till when the day I die!"

The day again will come my weary friend that we'll meet. I bid adieu to your travels and to you!
Track Name: long roads...
it's a long road back to home that i'll travel again alone. white stripes lead to red lights, a starry night lights the dark sky.

all my thoughts focus on you. do you ever think of me too? i blow a kiss into the air! as it lands, will you be there?