Welcome to Atom Bomb City

by Ferguson, MO

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Welcome to Atom Bomb City. A dusty, western town set at the dawn of the nuclear age. The town residents struggle to cope with the mysterious effects of the Atom Bomb Project. A stranger has come to town and our hero longs for a lover he can barely remember...


released April 18, 2013

Written & arranged by Pat Grady, Phil Artuz, Andy Abercrombie
Recorded/mixed/mastered at Shine Studios by Justin Douglas

performed by:
Pat Grady - guitars + vocals
Justin Douglas - pedal steel + dobro + engineer
Blake Lange - drums + pianos
Cody Ground - organs
Dow Douthitt - banjo
Russell Holly-Hurt - violin + mandolin
Annie Linders - trumpet + vocals
Maureen Grady - vocals



all rights reserved


Ferguson, MO Austin, Texas

Ferguson, MO is a small town outside of St. Louis.

It also happens to be a very special place to me.

So special, in fact, that I named my band after it.

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Track Name: Welcome to Atom Bomb City
Welcome to Atom Bomb City

Way out west in a quiet little town called Atom Bomb,
where that hot sun is shining bright, even through the night!
Way out west in a quiet little town called Atom Bomb,
out there by the road is a man with a story to be told.
It ain’t too long...

The Trucker (a stranger comes to town)

Well, I’ve spent 6 years on the old and I’m broken, downhearted...
I’ve done 6 lines of cocaine and I’m tired of livin’!
Leave me out here on my own, I’m broken, downhearted...
Leave me out here on my own, I’m tired of livin’!

Last Cigarette

I took another drag of the last cigarette of the night,
I thought about my day and all that I did right... nothing comes to mind.
I thought of a joke that made me laugh but I can’t remember the lines.
I’m thinking that it’d be funny if it didn’t happen all the time, ever since the light...

I took another drag and I blew another line,
thinking of the words she said the other night; right before she died.
I thought of a time when we were young, when joy filled her eyes...
Come to think I hadn’t seen her smile in quite a while, ever since the light...

There will be no tomorrow, I can’t remember yesterday!
I’ve been thinking about leaving now for so long but I can’t remember the way.

This is a town of forgotten dreams and memories.
This is a place we call Atom Bomb City!
It’s hard to find but if you happen to pass through
won’t you tell us a story over a drink or two?
“Barkeep, how about another round?”
You know I’m not normally like this but a stranger’s in town
and I should make the most of this...
Track Name: The Wanderer
The Wanderer


Sitting on my porch, just killing time,
when a man came up to me and cried
that he’d been lost for such a long time
that he knew not the reason why
he’d been wanderin’ for the most part of this life;
till when the day he dies.

The day again will come my weary friend that we’ll meet.
I bid adieu to your travels and to you.
Track Name: Where did the Moon go?
Where did the Moon go?

Echoes of a forgotten lover:

Hey, where did the Moon go?
It left me here for the west coast.
When do you think that you'll be coming around?
'cause my heart is tied to this town.

I'll always be patiently waiting for you,
'cause my heart will stay true.
Track Name: Oh Darling | Oversight
Oh Darling

The Wanderer:

I was wrong and you were right,
why'd we ever have to fight?
I can't ever make this right.
Well I said it before and I'll say it some more,
"I can't ever make you sure
that I'll never walk out that door on you."
My darling, the most wonderful thing that's ever been in my life
My darling, please don't ever cry, wipe away your eyes...


The Wanderer:

There were questions never asked,
there were moments we let past.
Past beneath our wanderin' eyes,
never stopped and wondered,
"How we blew this? How we could miss this oversight?"

Well I'm sure it's on your mind,
I can tell by the way you're trying.
Trying to act like it's just fine
and I'm trying to figure out
"How I blew this? How I could miss this oversight?"
Track Name: Don't push that button! | Waiting for the sunset
Don't push that button!

The Wanderer:

You might not have been told
but that button, so it's known,
is connected to the end of the world as we know it.
I don't care what you've gotta,
In fact you'd best not say it, anyway.
I swear to god on my darling's grave
you ain't pushing that button today,
you ain't pushing that button today!

Townspeople Chorus:

Times are strange in this atomic place!
The nights are gone, they've been replaced by the days.
The world kept turning yet it never seemed to change,
no ones growing old and it's never cold....
I've been thinking for a while that I've gotta
hit the road and leave this place.

The Trucker:

Well I came here to do a job
in the good ol' city of Atom Bomb
and I ain't to clear what you're speaking of
but for damn sure I ain't gonna fuck this up.
So come on now and hear me out son,
Go on back to where you come from!
Cause I'm mighty clear as to why I'm here
I'm going to push that button today,
I mean to push that button today!

Waiting for the sunset

The Wanderer:

I've been waiting for the sunset,
been waiting for days.
I've been noticing changes here,
and it's really quite strange.
And it's times like these that I ask myself,
"I wonder if I'm the only one
who thinks there's been something wrong
since the bomb?"
Track Name: Hey, Neighbor!
Hey, Neighbor!


Hey, you! Wanderin' by the road side.
Did your will to live finally subside?
You know, in this town I've come to expect
abandoned dreams and government checks.

We all had a part in the plot that took her life,
it don't make that right.

The Wanderer:

Hey, Neighbor! I hear what you're telling me
and don't get me wrong now, I ain't realy complaining:
But could you tell me if it's day or night?
Cause the Sun ain't out yet the sky glows bright.

If you knew the half of it, man I really doubt
you'd be hangin' around...
Track Name: Won't be long now
Won't be long now

The Wanderer:

Well I, I'm thinking it won't be too long now.
When we'll be holding hands in heaven singing angelic songs.
I just really miss you, to hold and to kiss you.

Well I ain't up there yet, I've still got a life to lose.
I've got a sentence to die for a crime I didn't do.
And the thing of it is the world will now never know
of the doom that I saw down in that missle silo.
And to add my grief, when they took my lover from me,
they threw a noose on my neck for the whole town to see.
Track Name: We're all gonna die, someday...
We're all gonna die, someday...

The Wanderer:

Time, it's going by so fast.
I hope these moments last
much longer than just right now.

Your face, it always looks the same.
Stuck in that silly pose,
well you're angry I suppose...

The Hangman:

We're all gonna die, someday...
We're all gonna die, someway.
Hopefully it's you before me!
We're all gonna die.

Jesus Christ has got the heaven blues,
he's lonely without you.
He won't have to wait but one more day!